Perpetual Randomness

They call me Carms

That is all you have to know

The rest I blog

Well that was a downer

Because saturday night is also a study night.

Because maybe I need to work harder.

Must stay positive no matter what.

Must stay positive no matter what.

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I feel ya, Jake.

Lahat sila may maipagmamalaki nang maayos na sagot.

Ako (OF COURSE) wala padin!

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me lately. The level of my frustration is again at its highest. What do I need to freaking do just to pass this god damned subjects?!!

Lately I’ve been forgetting to include ‘eating’ in my daily schedule.

Mararamdaman ko nalang ang gutom and realize that I still haven’t eaten pa pala.

Most of the time I have so little time. Yes. Why do health have to come in the way?

Time to learn more about my dad’s chosen career path 🚢

Let’s go sailor ⚓️ #whut

One day I will bake these awesome cakes I see online, coffee shops, and cake shops. And cookies and donuts and cupcakes and yeah pretty much anything that can be baked lol.

Then my loves can enjoy them all with a warm cup of coffee on a rainy season like this. Oh I can imagine the bliss it’ll bring 💕

There’s just something about baking.