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Fruits instead of chips.

Fruits instead of chips.

Nasasaktan ako pag natatanggap ko to. Stupid fair use policy. Which btw I don’t understand. If they are really making their services better, why does this even have to happen? I once saw a survey making Phils as one of the world’s slowest in terms of internet speed. Why are we always (one of the) worst in just about every world survey there is? We should be ashamed.

Once again a disappointed me.

Reality shows these days are unbelievable. I don’t get why these people who join let other people control their personal lives. I really don’t. Yes I know it’s about the money. But. Still, why??

Class suspended so sleep again… 😌




Yes this is yet another one of those law school-related posts. You may unfollow if it’s starting to be annoying I won’t be offended ✌️

Sobrang funny my classmates were chatting and our topics from diff subjects have already been jumbled 😂😂😂

But I don’t want that to happen to me. Please ✌️